Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities - join Our Team!

The Escondido Fire Department hires licensed Paramedics and EMTs to work on our ambulances with Firefighter Paramedics as part of our ALS ambulance transportation service.

  • The EMT position is a "temporary full time" position that provides EMTs with the opportunity to gain valuable experience while working towards becoming a licensed Paramedic. These positions are available and filled when there are vacancies in the Paramedic rank.
  • The Paramedic position is a full time position that works exclusively on an ALS ambulance with a Firefighter Paramedic or Single Role Paramedic partner. Paramedics medical support for fire and rescue operations, however the position does not require a State Certified Firefighter Academy. Paramedics are highly encouraged to complete a Firefighter Academy to be eligible to promote to Firefighter Paramedic and beyond.

Why join the Escondido Fire Department as a Paramedic?

  • You will join a diverse, dynamic, progressive and service oriented organization with competitive pay and great benefits. EMTs and Paramedics work a 56 hour schedule on 24-hour shifts.
  • You will work alongside experienced paramedics who are dedicated to assisting new employees grow and learn.
  • You will gain a LOT of experience running a variety of calls in a dynamic fast paced environment.
  • Upon meeting the minimum requirements, you will be eligible to promote into the Firefighter ranks. For many years, Escondido Fire Department has exclusively promoted Paramedics to Firefighters. Many have continued to promote into leadership positions.

Watch this video and learn why Escondido Fire might be the place for you!


How to apply:

  • Read the brochure "How to Apply for a City Job"
  • Visit the Escondido City "Job Opportunities" page and look for the Paramedic posting. Note: the position of Paramedic is typically opened quarterly. If you do not see the job announcement, check back regularly!
  • If there is not currently a Paramedic recruitment posted, submit an "Interest Card" so you can be notified when a recruitment opens up.