Wildfire Safety - Red Flag Warning

When the National Weather Service (San Diego) issues a RED FLAG WARNING, the weather conditions set the stage for a wildfire to grow and spread rapidly . This is normally caused by "Santa Ana" or "East" winds that blow dry and usually warm air from the north east. 

          When a RED FLAG WARNING has been issued:

PLEASE be careful not to spark a fire! The dry weather, dry grass and brush and strong winds can make a wildfire extremely hard to contain.
• No outdoor wood burning fires
• Don’t mow or trim dry grass when windy 
• Never pull your vehicle over in dry grass
• Report any suspicious activities to prevent arson. See something – say something!

PLEASE make sure you and your family are prepared!
• Register mobile phones for reverse 911 at: ReadySanDiego.com
• Make sure you are prepared to evacuate if notified to do so
• Make sure you have at least a half tank of gas in your car
• Make sure you are prepared to transport pets
• Make sure your family has a point of contact or meeting place
• Download and use the the SD Emergency mobile app 

During Red Flag Warning wind events SDG&E may de-energize power lines during windy conditions in some areas. This action is called a Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) and it is done to prevent power equipment from sparking a wildfire. SDG&E normally notifies all customers they live in an area that may be subject to a PSPS and when the power is shut off. Make sure your contact information is updated with SDG&E to ensure that you receive their notifications!

SDG&E maintains a map of communities at risk for power shut offs and a map of known power outages